Racing At Its Finest

Amazingly, Forza 7 is the third Forza on the Xbox One. It’s the seventh game in the franchise, and while it’s an improvement over the preceding games, I have a few gripes with it.

First, the good. Forza 7 looks amazing. A lot of graphical attention was given to the tracks and environments. In addition to the crowds, helicopters, and set pieces, many other details give the game life. The Dubai circuit was especially stunning, being one the introductory course in the campaign. In desert tracks, you’ll see the wind blowing sand onto the course. On less sandy courses like the Laguna Seca, clouds of light dust float throughout the track.

There is more variety in the weather as well. Rainy makes a return, and the standing water will adversely impact your handling and traction. There are also peculiar conditions, like early morning fog at Hockenheim. The fog didn’t just reduce visibility, it diffused light as well, and driving through the track was extremely difficult.

The cars are just as stunning. Each vehicle’s interior, engine, and trunk can be seen closely with Forzavista. These juicy details truly make you feel like you’re driving these cars. There’s a varied selection of cars, though some iconic ones are missing. Popular cars like the Golf R and Focus RS are present. However, the Focus ST the last three generations of the GTI absent. And of course, it eludes me why there’s a lack of Toyotas in the selection.

Sadly, the modifications are sub-par. If I want to modify a Mazdaspeed Miata, I only have tow hooks and canards as bodykit options. It’s especially bad considering there were more options in previous Forza entries. Despite that, the more popular cars have more modifications, though each car almost has the same wheel and paint scheme selection.

Overall, despite our complaints, Forza Motorsport 7 is a wonderful entry to the genre. It has amazing graphics, a good selection of cars, and you can personify the experience as you see fit. Whether you’re new or a veteran of the series, you’re sure to have a good time.