Why Teens Become More Addicted to Online Gaming

Gaming. These words make many parents concerned. The idea of facing opponents online isn’t that new as most people may think. During the mid-90s Nintendo was already trying online gaming with the SNES. Nonetheless, here are reasons why teens are becoming more addicted to online games: Cheaper Games As games become cheaper, more gamers can […]

Racing At Its Finest

Amazingly, Forza 7 is the third Forza on the Xbox One. It’s the seventh game in the franchise, and while it’s an improvement over the preceding games, I have a few gripes with it. First, the good. Forza 7 looks amazing. A lot of graphical attention was given to the tracks and environments. In addition to the […]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Every game has a surprise feature waiting to be unveiled. We can play with it, if we are so prepared, play a game, unfold to our friends whether it’s good or bad, and move on with our lives. For a few numbers of people, that won’t do. Haven’t you ever thought why a particular game make an […]

My Thoughts On Divinity II

Halfway through the campaign of Divinity: Original Sin II, I encountered a family in the farm of Gareth, a valiant and heroic companion. When I arrived, I saw that he was mourning the death of his murdered parents, and he asked me to avenge them. When I entered the farmhouse to find the murderers, a […]