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About Our Platinum Designers

Cindy Dennis Mangan is a qualified Diamond Grader and Fine Jewellery Designer. She completed her training at the London campus of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2006.

Each of Cindys designs is drawn by hand using technical 3-point perspective, then painted to create a colour image of the piece of jewellery. Each piece is then hand made in London, by a team of goldsmiths with over 100 years experience of fine jewellery making.

"Dennis & Lavery is committed to ethical jewellery production and The Kimberley Process"

In her role as diamond grader and stone picker Cindy also carefully sources and selects the stones for each individual piece of jewellery. Cindy is committed to ethical jewellery production and using stone suppliers who adhere to the international treaty known as the Kimberley Process to ensure safe chain of custody of the stones in order that no stones are sourced from areas of conflict or suspected exploitation.

Cindy has designed and made various types of jewellery since she was 11 years old. Her first materials were glass, ceramic, and metal beads, and drilled shells or stones, and then she introduced hand-blown Murano glass, fresh-water pearls and sterling silver into her creations before retraining in Fine Jewellery. Cindy also has a line of bijoux fashion jewellery and other accessories which will shortly be found at (Launch date Oct/Nov 2007)

Previous to retraining in fine jewellery Cindy worked in financial public relations in New York and London.

About Dennis & Lavery

Dennis & Lavery Fine Jewellery began trading in London, UK, in April 2007, and each piece is handmade in our London workshop situated in the fine jewellery district of Hatton Garden.

The inaugural Dennis & Lavery Ready To Wear collection was launched in London in the summer of 2007, in association with The Wayne Sleep Foundation to support talented young dancers and performing artists across the UK.

Inspired by timeless romance, Cindy used dancers and flowers to create a collection that transcends era. The collection conveys romantic elegance spiced with an emotive edge that much girly jewellery lacks. Cindy was inspired by Darcey Bussell and the classical ballet Swan Lake, and designed The Prima Collection to encapsulate the fluidity of movement and passion of the swan and the Prima Ballerina.

"Dennis & Lavery also offers an Exclusive Design Service"

The D&L Engagement and Wedding ring collection is an ever-expanding collection that will continue to grow throughout the year, so please check back for new designs. The company also offers an Exclusive Design Service for engagement and wedding jewellery, and for other special occasions such as anniversary, birthdays, or simply to spoil yourself. Please contact us for an obligation free discussion about styles and stones.

Dennis & Lavery will present each subsequent annual Ready To Wear collection in the Spring/Summer of each year, and a Limited Edition Valentine pendant/charm each January/February.

Cindy named the business Dennis & Lavery after her grandmothers Audrey Mary Josephine Dennis and Thelma Isobel Lavery, and her mother Elizabeth Jean Dennis who also studied metalwork and design.

For more information please email Cindy at

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