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Talking Dennis & Lavery...Interview

5th April 2012...extracts from an interview for the recent Treasure Exhibition with Senior Designer, Cindy Dennis Mangan

Describe your jewellery design in three words.

Modern Romantic Platinum

Which other brands do you admire?

I admire every brand that has a strong sense of style and unique identity.

Which of your designs are your favourites?

Currently the Vortex, Orbital, and Ignis platinum and diamond ring sets

How long does each design take from inception to finished piece?

Anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months! Depends on the complexity and whether it is a new collection or a bespoke order.

Describe the space where you design.

I design gazing out over the clear blue sea, imagining that I can see France.

What is your favourite film?

The Notebook

Where does your inspiration come from? describe the process?

My inspiration comes from supreme strength and delicate fragility co-existing. The distilled essence of the powerful and awe-inspiring moment of creation, felt in that moment of finding the 'one', finding your destiny, which is repeated all around us in nature and indeed in the creation of the platinum element in the passionate fiery core of the hottest supernovas. When I design my platinum bridal collections I always start there, at the point of creation, and let my heart and minds eye wander to where we experience those moments...

Who would be your dream person to design WEDDING JEWELLERY for?

Wedding jewellery for my son and his future true love (he is currently 3 1/2yrs old)

Favourite book and what are you reading right now?

Favourites: Birdsong and Pride & Prejudice Reading now: Some Dogs Do

When did you design your first piece?

When I was 11

How would you spend your perfect day off?

In the Tuscan sunshine, without a breath of wind, listening to a pianist playing somewhere nearby.

What led you into jewellery design?

It is simply part of me. I had denied it for too long, and the gods of destiny brought me back to it in quite a confronting way.

How do you want the wearer to feel when wearing your jewellery?

Like that moment of creation is happening over and over again.

If you could own any piece of jewellery what would it be and by whom?

My mother's senior year Jewellery & Metalwork final exam piece, which was stolen at her graduation exhibition.

Who is your typical customer?

Lovers, and lovers of platinum.

What are your most popular pieces in your collection?

Milano wedding rings (men's and women's matching set) with side-set black and colourless diamonds.

What do you consider to be the ongoing trend in WEDDING jewellery design for 2012?

Larger diamonds in unique platinum settings, and eternity rings being the norm for women's wedding bands.

How do you promote your brand?

The Platinum Guild International (PGI) are an irreplaceable business and marketing support to Dennis & Lavery and they also work to present our award winning designs in the best possible light - they currently feature our gorgeous diamond set Platinum Duomo Rings as the centrepiece product on their homepage. As purely platinum wedding and engagement jewellery specialists a lot of clients find us through PGI direct referral, or their advertising, and we also participate in shows/exhibitions, can be found online, and work with retail stockists. In addition the a Dennis & Lavery shop-within-a-shop is planned for the second half of this year.

What materials are you designing with?

Platinum 950 and fine diamonds

Favourite piece of art?  

Pablo Picasso's 'On The Beach' (La Baignade), at the Guggenheim, Venice